Mineral premixes

Since the year 2002, ANIMA has produced premixes which introduce trace inorganic elements into animal feed. Premixes are goods, used to produce multi-component concentrates as well as supplements of microelements to animal feed (Foodstuffs). Strict supervision of production process, monitoring critical control points and controls of the Veterinary Inspection guarantee full safety of our products.

We specialise in low-dust, safe in use selenium premixes. We also offer the highest quality premixes of cobalt and iodine.

There is the possibility ordering of custom-made products to satisfy needs of client: concentration of the active ingredients or details regarding choice of packaging of the product (usually in PE bags, 25 kilograms net, on pallets or big-bag sacks).

Mineral premixes:

Selenium premixes containing up to 5% Se - selenium in the form of sodium selenite;

Coated granulated cobalt (II) carbonate - feed additive 3b304. Anima product meets all requirements of a new addittive 3b304 described in the COMMISION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) No 131/2014

Iodine premixes containing typically 10% I - iodine in the form of calcium iodate or potassium iodide

Multi-component premixes e.g. I-Se

Feed addittives -  coated granulated calcium iodate anhydrous 10%I (3b203) and coated granulated sodium selenite 4,5%Se (3b802)